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#38: Don’t believe a thing about the mining boom/bust. Here are the facts…

Let’s now take this a step further…

You might be thinking, “Oh Dymphna! You’re just a real estate bull. And of course you’re going to tell us the good news story on the bad news angle.”

Nup, I’m a realist as well, and when I see BS, I call it.

But you know with me, whilst I have an opinion, I look for facts, data and research. As a former accountant and trained economist, opinion means little.

Here’s a presentation delivered by my right-hand shot-gun economist, Jason Andersen.

I pay this guy $5,000 to speak to my clients for 90 minutes.

…other companies pay him tens of thousands of dollars to assess development opportunities.

He crunches numbers in his sleep.

I asked him at a private, closed-door client-only presentation to present the real data on the mining boom numbers.

You’re going to be shocked to see what he reveals… He doesn’t fluff around, paint pretty pictures, hype it up… He’s paid professional to deliver the real facts before big companies spend tens of millions of dollars on development projects.

You can watch his $5,000 presentation now.

You know, this information could leave a lot of the respected journalists with egg on their face.

The reporting in the mainstream media is simply wrong and beaten up to create drama and feed the bad news psychology.

Jason completely debunks the 24/7 media groups who’s only interest seems to be to jump on stories and scare the living daylights out of everyday Australians.

It’s wrong.

There is another side to the story… a factual one.

Don’t believe what you read in the newspapers, get educated!

Hope this helps.


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