May 24, 2012 by Dymphna

#21: The Future Trends of Investment Property

You’ll love this!

It’s the latest iLoveRealEstate Podcast features a guy called Kevin Doodney.

Guaranteed most of you would not have heard of him.

In the big land subdivision community, where the big boys like Stockland, Mirvac, Central Equity, Delfin, etc, etc have problems, they call this guy in to fix them.

Now you might be thinking, what does that mean for a small time investor?

Kevin is at the forefront of development and real estate trends in this country. He’s got a solution for investors to turn every single investment they make into a positively geared one… that includes, remarkably, a house and land package.

…and he’s got a sure-fire solution to make housing in Australia about 30% more affordable. He even gives you his personal opinion on how to go about investing in some of the hottest real estate markets today.

You’re going to love this podcast. Kevin is such a smart guy when it comes to real estate, and listening to him is going to take you to another level in your thinking.

I’ve also convinced Kevin to come along to the 3-Day iLoveRealEstate events in June. Registrations are now open and you, as a member can get General Admission seats for free.

iLoveRealEstate 3-Day Conference

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