[VIDEO] Can 2 + 1 = $100,000?

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[VIDEO] How a woman who used to queue for charity food turned just $13,000 into almost a million in equity and six figures of passive income in just 3.5 years!

Corina Sell grew up poor. She remembers queuing with her mother for their 10 items of charity food, and always struggling to make ends meet. When her mother passed away when Corina was just 15 years old, things went from bad to worse. At one point, she had to take three days off school because […]

[VIDEO] How a young couple with just $200 in the bank secured a $680,000 house with just $145,000 debt… all before they were 30!

Paul and Shakira Wilding had just $200 in the bank and a bunch of debt. Paul had to borrow money from his father to get into Dymphna Boholt’s Ultimate program. Since then though they have never looked back, working their way through the education modules and receiving one-on-one mentoring through the Platinum Accelerator program. This […]

[VIDEO] A love-struck young immigrant went from earning $9ph to pulling in $30,000 a year from a $3.6m portfolio… and got the girl!

Richard and his girlfriend Jane landed in Australia in 2007 with a suitcase of clothes and just $5,000 in cash. Living in a crowded boarding house and studying IT at university, Richard thought himself lucky to be earning $9/hr waiting tables at a restaurant in Darling Harbour. In China, that was big money. When they […]

[VIDEO] Starting from scratch in Australia after the NZ earthquakes, they’ve now completed four deals and built $683,000 worth of equity in just 18 months.

Ramesh and Indu Kumar left India in 2004 and settled in New Zealand. Ramesh worked entry-level jobs and drove taxis at night to make ends meet. In 2008 they bought a Turkish restaurant, but found out that it was a tough gig for committed vegetarians! So, come 2009 they opened an education college for Indian […]