Giving Value = True Fulfilment

Value-creation is about finding that spark within you… that’s unique to you. Push that out into the universe and watch what comes back to reward you as a “thank you” for the value that you’ve given.

[VIDEO] Deal of the day

Every week in your life, the researchers say, you will come across a deal that could make you a millionaire. But if you’re not looking for them, or you’re not educated enough to see them, they will pass you by. So don’t panic when you miss or turn down an opportunity, there will be another […]

[VIDEO] With a cheating husband and her business stolen from under her, Esme has since built a property net worth of $1.9M. Esme is having the last laugh.

Seven years ago, Esme’s deceitful husband left for Malaysia and never came home. At the same time, her successful café was forced to close. With her life in tatters, she wandered in a daze from seminar to seminar, desperate for an answer, but it wasn’t until she attended Dymphna Boholt’s one-day event that she found […]

Who is Dymphna Boholt?

Dymphna Boholt built her multi-million dollar property portfolio starting virtually from scratch. Newly divorced and pregnant with her second child, she had little other than a burning desire to be financially free. Dymphna now controls a multi-million dollar international property portfolio and enjoys a lifestyle that most other people just dream about. A qualified accountant […]