To all my haters… Thanks

To forge a sword it must go through fire. For all the people that believe in you there will be 100 that want you to fail… Thanks these people and use it… That’s the secret in this video… Watch it.  

It’s never game over

No matter where you are right now, where you have come from or what you have gone through… It’s never game over… If you want to start from today… watch this.

Ignite Your Passion

Why, out of all of history did you decide to be here now? What is the promise you made to your soul… Find out here:  

The Backwards Law

Why is it that sometimes the harder you try the poorer your results. The more you want the less you have. It’s because of what Alan Watts calls “The Backwards Law”. I explore what that is and why people often focus on the wrong things to get what they want.

Giving Value = True Fulfilment

Value-creation is about finding that spark within you… that’s unique to you. Push that out into the universe and watch what comes back to reward you as a “thank you” for the value that you’ve given.