Truth Bomb Tuesday: Stop At The Top Moment

Make time for this one ritual this December. There’s a particular brand of Aussie madness. It’s that end of year rush. I was talking to a Canadian woman about what this time of year is like for her, and she was saying it’s mostly pretty chill. They don’t do all that much. They’re chop some […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You might already be immortal

We’re not ready to live forever. I’m having a weird reaction to the prospect of immortality. This is one of the stranger things that’s come out of the research I’ve been doing my for Next 10 event. (Have you got your ticket yet?- get it here) It really looks like we’re on the brink of […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: A spirit of gentle determination

Go no quicker than you can. What is the boundary between the physical, the mental and the spiritual? We talk like they’re separate things. That we can clearly point to a physical body. We can clearly point to a mind. We can clearly point to a soul. Our language reinforces the illusion. But I think […]