[PODCAST] How To Avoid Buying Hazards And Other Money Traps

Stop what you’re doing and make sure you read of all of this. Floods – Asbestos – Easements – Caveats – Covenants – Soil Pollution… No it’s not the 6 horsemen of the apocalypse… but they can be almost as disastrous. I’m talking hazards in buying. Today’s podcast is all about that. http://media.blubrry.com/iloverealestate/dymvideo.s3.amazonaws.com/ilove/20160506_Hazards.mp3 How much […]

How to value expertise

It’s hard to value an expert’s services when you don’t know much about their industry. Here’s a few tips. There’s a joke I’ve always loved. ‘A machine breaks at a factory. It’s a vitally important machine and activity grinds to a halt. So they call in the repair guy. The repair guy arrives and spends […]