Why are rents rising?

  Look how quick rents are rising. As I’ve written about recently, the housing market is striking a bit of a flat note right about now. Just in the last few weeks, things have felt a little ‘glummer’. But if that’s the case, no one seems to have told landlords or renters. In fact, rental […]

[PODCAST] How This Young Couple Beat The Odds, Got Into The Housing Market and Made $424k On Their First Deal

I know this may sound harsh but it annoys me when I hear young people complaining about being priced out of the housing market. They are not priced out of the market, they just need to think differently about it. I talked to a young couple who took action, got themselves educated and made $424,000 […]

[PODCAST] How Ultra-Safe Investments Turn Negative $34k to $57,000 Positive Cashflow in 18 Months

Can you imagine how hard life would be when you earn $75 a year but over $34,000 of that income was sucked up by negatively geared properties. It’s pretty hard to raise a family of a wife and 3 kids at the best of times but on what’s left after that outlay, tax, bills… That’s […]

Property Affordability: How Did House Prices Get So Expensive? [Part 2]

On Tuesday, I showed you that young people are actually not smooshed avocado eating hipster whingers. (Who would have thought?) I showed you some amazing charts that prove just how much harder the property market is for young people these days. (If you missed it, Part 1 in this series is here.) Before I can help […]