10 Tricks For Killer Win-Win Negotiation

  Negotiations are the juice that powers all serious property investing. It’s the lube that greases the wheels of the property machine. I’ve heard it said that we negotiate every day for every thing we do… but most people never realise that’s what’s happening… That’s why not many people are actually good at it. …and […]

TBT: Why China banned Peppa Pig

Have you stopped and taken stock of your own personal culture? So I thought this article was kind of interesting. China has banned Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig has been one of the best selling children’s books in China in recent years. But now Peppa, along with a number of other foreign titles, is being banned. […]

TBT: Accountants getting shafted

The exploding scandal over at the CPA highlights a real mentality problem in this country. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this one. I don’t miss being an accountant. I don’t miss being chained to a desk doing other people’s tax returns. But I still have a bit of a soft-spot for […]

TBT: Defusing the fear of the unknown

There’s nothing wrong with being scared. I overheard a conversation at one of our gatherings a little while back. A woman was talking about how she felt stuck in some of her old patterns, and how she was having trouble letting go of her old life and embarking on the bold new adventure of becoming […]

TBT: You don’t care if you’re happy

You’re biologically driven towards survival and mating. Happiness doesn’t even rate. You don’t want to be happy. I’m serious. You don’t. You don’t necessarily want to be unhappy either. You just don’t care. As far as you’re concerned, happiness is largely irrelevant. Now you might be thinking, hang on Dymphna. You don’t know me. We’ve […]