Truth Bomb Tuesday: Invite tomorrow, empower today.

There’s a delicate balance between dreams and drive. I’m road testing a new motto. What do you think? “Invite tomorrow, empower today.” Catchy? Can you see on it on a motivational poster with some dolphins and stuff? I’m trying to catch a really important balancing act that’s central to the success journey. The balance of […]

Get paid for your vision

Living the dream is closer than you think. People often make the mistake of thinking that property investing is a purely technical game. It’s not. In fact, it’s more art than science. The science is important, don’t get me wrong. You need to know if the numbers stack up. But you’re very rarely making the […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to bomb-proof new habits

Most new habits fail in times of stress. This is the one ingredient you need to make your habits bullet proof. One of the interesting things about habits is the way they activate in times of stress. Like, you could have quit smoking years ago. But then one day you have a nasty argument with […]

Maybe you’re lucky you missed the boat..?

How to time the market perfectly and go broke. The thing to remember about real estate is that it’s possible to lose money in every market. Obviously, you’ve got to try a little harder to lose money in some markets more than others. You’ve got to search a little harder for those properties that are […]

[PODCAST] My proven formula for creating the life you want

We, as humans, have specific abilities and traits. This isn’t meant to be a biology or psychology lesson, I mention it just to say this: We are all affected by these traits every day and you can either use them to your advantage or you let them work to your disadvantage. It’s up to you […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Train that Poodle

If you want to change a habit, you need the right tools. So I was in this woman’s living room one time, talking about buying her house off her. It was a deal that came through a friend of a friend, and I love dealing directly with the vendor. Anyway, we’re having a cuppa, but […]