[PODCAST] How This Young Couple Beat The Odds, Got Into The Housing Market and Made $424k On Their First Deal

I know this may sound harsh but it annoys me when I hear young people complaining about being priced out of the housing market. They are not priced out of the market, they just need to think differently about it. I talked to a young couple who took action, got themselves educated and made $424,000 […]

[PODCAST] How Ultra-Safe Investments Turn Negative $34k to $57,000 Positive Cashflow in 18 Months

Can you imagine how hard life would be when you earn $75 a year but over $34,000 of that income was sucked up by negatively geared properties. It’s pretty hard to raise a family of a wife and 3 kids at the best of times but on what’s left after that outlay, tax, bills… That’s […]

The Income Replacement Process

Ian Ugarte gives an example from his own live of the income replacement process and how he was able to go from severe negative cashflow to replacing his income and getting to the place where he could quit his job and go full time with property.