Get paid for your vision

Living the dream is closer than you think. People often make the mistake of thinking that property investing is a purely technical game. It’s not. In fact, it’s more art than science. The science is important, don’t get me wrong. You need to know if the numbers stack up. But you’re very rarely making the […]

How to value expertise

It’s hard to value an expert’s services when you don’t know much about their industry. Here’s a few tips. There’s a joke I’ve always loved. ‘A machine breaks at a factory. It’s a vitally important machine and activity grinds to a halt. So they call in the repair guy. The repair guy arrives and spends […]

Why is Reno TV so popular?

Ok, quick survey guys. For my own interest, why is Reno TV so popular in Australia? I’m genuinely curious. Something big is happening. Last year, the only TV shows more popular than Renovation TV were the footy finals. And if you were to look at the top 10 TV shows last year, you would conclude […]