Truth Bomb Tuesday: Robo-apocalypse?

Don’t want to live in a robotised world? Then stop calling it in. So China has unveiled a bank, the first in the world, to be fully staffed by robots. And that’s not a glamorous name for a computer algorithm. We’re talking actual robots. Look at the photo. The receptionist looks like Astro-boy. Robots greet […]

Investors become collateral damage

How tough is the credit environment right now? This tough: The Royal Commission is practically unearthing the equivalent of bodies in barrels in the financial sector. The CEO of AMP is gone, more will probably (and should) follow. This is all a good thing. It was pretty clear to everyone that the banking sector had […]

Thinking about thinking… ?

Our thinking about thinking is probably wrong. The idea that our thoughts are ours – that they arise out of our own brains – is relatively new. For a long time, in many civilisations, it was believed that your thoughts emerged from an interplay with your environment. It’s probably hard for us to imagine what […]

Why Doubt is a Good Thing

Even Jesus had a moment of doubt. Is it part of the process? Within most wisdom traditions there are elements that are clear cut (thou shall not steal), and elements that are more mysterious. It’s these more mysterious elements excite me most, and where the biggest opportunities for growth are. And perhaps it’s only because […]

If you have a holiday home – read this!

ATO have a new campaign… and a new PR agency? Word from the ABC is that the ATO is gunning for deductions on holiday rentals, particular when the property isn’t genuinely available to rent. “The ATO’s assistant tax commissioner Kath Anderson said too many holiday home owners were claiming deductions for properties which were not […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Finding compassion in the dark

What does compassion look like? Stumbled on this quote searching the internets the other day: “Compassion is knowing our darkness well enough that we can sit in the dark with others.” Pema Chodron. I love everything about this, and there’s two elements here that are key to being a fully rounded person. The first is […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Device Time, Vice Time

Should you let kids have device time? Should you let yourself? A student of mine was talking about how she’d just decided to stop giving her 4 year old any time with devices. “Screen time leads to scream time,” she said. I think we all kind of get that there has to be limits with […]