Want Cash Flow From The States?

As much as I love being a real estate investor in Australia… And teaching all of you to do the same… Getting some seriously positive cash flow by investing in the American property market is something you should really consider. Now, I know it’s not for everybody… At least, not for everybody at this very […]

Great Profits in Great Britain

Well, our 2013 U.K. tour is almost at an end. Not quite, but it’s getting there quickly. Hard to believe how fast it has gone… As I wrote in my last post to you, this trip has been just a chapter in a much longer journey that began with my first real estate investment. And […]

Seeing the Big Picture Means Seeing Big Profits

As you must know by now, in my view, education is the key that unlocks the opportunities that lead to our success.  Without knowledge in hand about what we’re doing or why, then we’re simply rolling the dice on succeeding rather than taking deliberate steps based upon real knowledge.  Of course, this applies to any […]

How and Why to Invest in US Real Estate

http://dymvideo.s3.amazonaws.com/ilove/20111108_CashflowUSA1.mp4 A depressed asset market with unusually high immediate cashflow and the strongest Aussie dollar we’ve ever seen is creating opportunities galore for property investors here in little ol’ Australia. Many Australian investors are seriously going to a change their financial future in the next 12 months if they take advantage of this NEW WINDOW OF […]