A budget to annoy real investors

Investors keep taking hits as budget disappoints. Ok, a few people have been asking what I made of the budget. Here’s my thoughts: The Godot Surplus First up, overall, this budget looks like another piece of fiction – like every budget in the past ten years. We see the budget returning to surplus four years […]

Property Peak? Should we believe him?

ScoMo says property is a no-go, and other b.s in the papers this week… So it’s been a weekus horribilius for property hasn’t it? Oh boy, disaster town. First, there was the news that property prices in Sydney had maxed out. Then we heard that listings were down and people got too scared to sell. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Just ‘copping it’ is not a road to enlightenment

Maybe we need to switch out “acceptance” with “sacrifice”. Her mother-in-law was a pain in the arse. I only ever got second-hand accounts, but she sounded like hard work. Her personality style was “aggressive”, she was a terrible listener, and to top it all off, she had egg-shell insecurities that got triggered at the drop […]