Truth Bomb Tuesday: The language of creativity

If you’re coming from this place, you could be making it difficult for yourself How do you stay hungry? Some people draw drive from negative experiences in their past. Think of the boy born into poverty who becomes a successful fund manager. Driven by a need to never be poor again, he excels at getting […]

Proof – Still world’s of opportunity

There are a lot more opportunities for property investors than there used to be. “If only I’d bought ten years ago!” How many times have you heard that? (Me, I’ve heard it a dozen times year for the past twenty years!) It’s also pointing to a particular investment style I don’t find particularly inspiring – […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Robo-apocalypse?

Don’t want to live in a robotised world? Then stop calling it in. So China has unveiled a bank, the first in the world, to be fully staffed by robots. And that’s not a glamorous name for a computer algorithm. We’re talking actual robots. Look at the photo. The receptionist looks like Astro-boy. Robots greet […]