Property Affordability: How Did House Prices Get So Expensive? [Part 2]

On Tuesday, I showed you that young people are actually not smooshed avocado eating hipster whingers. (Who would have thought?) I showed you some amazing charts that prove just how much harder the property market is for young people these days. (If you missed it, Part 1 in this series is here.) Before I can help […]

Time to lock in rates… Really?

Has the rate cycle really bottomed? I’m not convinced. There’s been a curious clamour of analysts and economists saying that now is a good time to lock in rates. They reckon rates have bottomed and the only way is up: There’s Shane Oliver at AMP: “It’s likely we have seen the bottom of the interest […]

Who is lending to these things?

Tell me it isn’t you. But are you sure..? Are you exposed to the high-rise bubble? Ok, ‘bubble’ is pretty strong language. But it sure is a funny looking market. We’ve got a huge amount of supply coming on line over the next 18 months. It’s not clear that the stock that is coming online […]