Why I’m relaxed about Aussie debt

Here’s some talking points next time someone throws that “highest household debt in the world” line at you… One of the themes doing the rounds at the moment is that Australian households have too much debt. This is the Achilles’ heel of Australian property. Aussie households are over-leveraged, and when things sour, they’ll be in […]

A budget to annoy real investors

Investors keep taking hits as budget disappoints. Ok, a few people have been asking what I made of the budget. Here’s my thoughts: The Godot Surplus First up, overall, this budget looks like another piece of fiction – like every budget in the past ten years. We see the budget returning to surplus four years […]

Property Affordability: How Did House Prices Get So Expensive? [Part 2]

On Tuesday, I showed you that young people are actually not smooshed avocado eating hipster whingers. (Who would have thought?) I showed you some amazing charts that prove just how much harder the property market is for young people these days. (If you missed it, Part 1 in this series is here.) Before I can help […]

Property Affordability: BS or Reality? My take on it… [Part 1]

As a successful property investor and as someone who has done their time in the trenches of the market, people expect me to side with the “Harden-up Kids” brigade – with the people who think that the only thing young people need to help them buy a house is a teaspoon of concrete and a […]