Podcast Episode #53: My “Hired- Research Gun” reveals… Australia, boom or bust?

The Boom Or Bust Session with a little known guy who advises billion dollar real estate companies. http://dymvideo.s3.amazonaws.com/ilove/20130527_-_Jason_Anderson.mp3 Dymphna talk with her “Hired  Research Gun” Economist Jason Anderson on the real story on the state  of the real estate market today and what is likely to happen in the next 3 years. Jason Anderson advises several Public Listed […]

Boomtown Investor Challenges

Boomtown Investor Challenges Where is the next place for growth that makes sense for investment? Which mining town will be the next one to experience exponential growth and give us a great opportunity to make some fantastic profits? They are out there; but that said, there are some traps and trouble spots that you need […]

#43: Growing Pains: Sleepy Town to Bustling Boom-Town

Special Guest: Ian Ugarte What happens when a quiet, sleepy town is transformed into a bustling boom-town virtually overnight? What happens when the local renters can no longer afford to rent and the homeowners cash in? How to navigate and negotiating with local councils on new (often ridiculously restrictive) planning schemes. The tell-tail signs that a town is […]

#37: Mining Boom or Bust (An investor’s perspective)

I think it’s important that I get this information to you. In fact, the way the media have been carrying on, it’s critical. The talk in investment circles of late has all been around the official or unofficial bust of our mining boom. …now this is significant for real estate investors. If you want to […]