Why this billboard makes my blood boil

Ok, I took the bait. This is what I really think So a friend sent me a photo of a billboard at Roma St station in Brisbane because he knew it would get a rise out of me. It’s this one, from Suncorp. He was right. This really gets the blood boiling under my goat, […]

From just 90k in equity to 900k. One couple almost replaces their income with $62k in just three years.

When Sanjeev and Illa’s baby girl was born, they wanted a way to escape their ‘hectic’ jobs. Initially, they started small and focused on building cashflow. Three years later, they’re just a deal or two away from replacing Sanjeev’s income, and having the family time they so desperately wanted. Despite having cash flow as their […]

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: The ‘hero’ who saved me

Sometimes I look at everything I have now, and it blows me away. It wasn’t always going to be like this. I was on a dark path there for a while. I was on track to heart-disease at 45, children who hated me, still up to my eyeballs in debt… … and, most probably, sad […]

Why Rich Dad reckons Labor lost

Labor’s loss surprised everyone. But did anyone ask Rich Dad? I’ve been watching the post-election analysis come in, and if it’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that no one has any idea why Labor lost an ‘unlosable election’. They were too aggressive and ambitious, or they weren’t aggressive and ambitious enough. The voters just […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Your reason for being alive

Why did you choose this time to be alive? Of all the moments you could have been born, why did you choose this one? The world is plagued with wars and the rumours of wars. There’s death and killing; terrorists under every bed. The climate is in chaos and people are actually talking about the […]

Maybe the best time to buy, ever.

The stars have aligned. This is the best of all possible worlds. Has there been a better time to buy than right now? I mean there was. 5 years ago would have been an amazing time to buy. 15 years ago would have been spectacular. But in terms of trying to time the market, could […]

Perth wife increases her equity by 5 mil by working smarter, not harder, in a “dead” market

Basia’s commitment to family and helping others was unparalleled, so much so that her and her husband completely exhausted themselves. Looking for a way contribute positively while working less time and making more money, she turns to property and finds Dymphna and ILoveRealEstate. This free webinar reveals the real estate strategies she used to create […]