How a regional couple jump started their real estate career in a “flat market”

This free webinar reveals the real estate strategies they used to create these amazingly simple projects. Success isn’t impossible even from the reaches of regional north Queensland. Kelly and Liam are a testament of how taking the right chance with the right plans can lead to a huge pay off.Through their property journey they explain […]

Rates Hike? RBA Does as it’s told!

The RBA’s admission that rate hikes are off the table is good, but I’m still not sure they get it. So the RBA rolled over like a good little puppy dog last week. For a long while the RBA has been running with the line that the next move in interest rates would be up. […]

This most interesting property sector in the country

The market is always presenting you with opportunities. This is one of them. What’s the most interesting segment in the Australian property market right now? The apartment sector, hands down. Have you been following what’s going on there? It’s nuts. Like totally nuts. It’s come to a head recently with revelations that the 30-storey Opal […]