Question: Am I a ‘hard arse’?

Am I a hard-arse? No seriously. I want to know. Do I come off as a bit ‘edgy’ – a bit strict? I got that reflection from a student of mine the other day. We were in a small group, and they cracked a joke. Then they looked at me a bit startled and said, […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Dream big, step small

We are moving from dreaming into action. Don’t get carried away. Ok. Let’s check in. Third week of January… How you doing? How are you tracking with your New Year’s resolutions? And even if you didn’t make any resolutions exactly, chances are you still used the break to do a bit of a stock-take of […]

What The “Aussie Xmas” says about our psyche

Christmas gives us a unique insight into the Australia mindset… which is why I love it so much. I love Christmas in Australia. For a long-while I felt a little awkward or embarrassed about it – the way we import these European customs in an alien Australian context. Those traditions that celebrated everything the Europeans […]

The Chess Masters Guide Winning Life

An ancient chess strategy might hold the key to your success I remember how disappointed I was when I found out how chess computers worked. I always imagined them like some sort of super-intelligent army general, with a treasury of battleplans, a dash of cunning, and an uncanny ability to predict its opponents move. That […]

The elephant trainer’s guide to mind control?

This is how elephants trainers control their elephants, and why you are not stepping into your full power. Conditioning is brutal. The story goes that elephant trainers use a simple trick to stop their elephants from running away. When the elephants are very young and small, they tie them to a stake in the ground […]

This kind of Strength is NOT the kind you want!

We have never needed a god like Atlas any more than we do right now. Atlas is synonymous with strength. He’s one of the most powerful gods in the pantheon. Every sculpture people make of him has his muscles rippling like a gay icon. But that’s not the lesson of Atlas. Atlas is cursed. Zeus […]

How to choose the right “Flow State”

A lot of people will tell you to ‘go with the flow’. How many know what they’re talking about. Today, I wanted to riff a little bit on the idea of ‘flow’. The idea of ‘going with the flow’ has become very buzzy in recent years, but like a lot of things that make their […]