12 worst calls in the history of tech

Often, people get it wrong. Way wrong. I’m starting to get a little nervous about putting myself out there at my Next 10 event this weekend (Come and check it out for yourself, see if I make a fool of myself!). – You can get a ticket here. It’s not about getting up in front […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You might already be immortal

We’re not ready to live forever. I’m having a weird reaction to the prospect of immortality. This is one of the stranger things that’s come out of the research I’ve been doing my for Next 10 event. (Have you got your ticket yet?- get it here) It really looks like we’re on the brink of […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: A spirit of gentle determination

Go no quicker than you can. What is the boundary between the physical, the mental and the spiritual? We talk like they’re separate things. That we can clearly point to a physical body. We can clearly point to a mind. We can clearly point to a soul. Our language reinforces the illusion. But I think […]

Why are rents rising?

  Look how quick rents are rising. As I’ve written about recently, the housing market is striking a bit of a flat note right about now. Just in the last few weeks, things have felt a little ‘glummer’. But if that’s the case, no one seems to have told landlords or renters. In fact, rental […]

Are people really this ignorant?!?

This is the scariest statistic I’ve seen in years… Quick Quiz: How many people in the property market have no idea what they’re doing? 5%? 20%? 50%? All of the above? Someone forwarded me a recent study by investment bank UBS. They call it the UBS Evidence Lab Australian Mortgages survey. It aims to be […]