How you treat cabbages is the key to your success

An Indian parable that points to the essence of personal growth. There’s a teaching story out of India I really love. There’s someone living on rocky and infertile island. One day someone comes out of the water and says to them, “What are you doing here? You should come across to this other island. It’s […]

Another tsunami of money coming? These charts say YES!

The property boom of 2014 might be set to repeat I’m watching ‘the trade wars’ between China and America very closely. And it’s not because I love the theatre of whatever rom-com Trump is acting in, it’s that I think Aussie property could become collateral damage. Actually, that’s not the right term. What’s the positive […]

What this Japanese Master taught me about life

This Japanese martial arts master is really on to something. Somehow I stumbled across this poem by Aikido Master and founder of Aikido-Yuishinkai, Koretoshi Maruyama. I am mind itself If I hold positive thoughts in my mind, Good things are likely to happen. Holding negative thoughts in my mind, Works against my best interests. Therefore […]

Take the Pressure Off – Just Do This

We don’t need intense objects of love, just to love more intensely. The story is that St Francis of Assisi, on his deathbed said to the monks gathered around him: “I have done what is mine to do. May you do what is yours.” It’s a beautiful statement of humility. He would have been totally […]

Interest Rates are already rising

Why I think you might need to be planning for a rate hike in the short term. Slowly, and quietly, interest rates are nudging up. It’s not the RBA this time. The dreaded “out-of-cycle” rate hikes are back. So far it’s been pretty tame. We’re only talking about a handful of smaller lenders, and the […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The fame delusion

Why everybody wants to be famous, and why it has to make us unhappy. Why do so many people want to be famous? As someone who is partially famous (yes I am! In certain circles…) I can tell you its not worth it. Fame is a con. Seriously, you should see some of the crap […]