1M new jobs. Why aren’t we more grateful?

If there’s all these jobs going around, why don’t we feel better off? So the Coalition fulfilled a promise this week to much cheering and back-slapping. Back in October 2013, they promised to create a million new jobs in 5 years. Last week they did it (or the economy did), 6 months ahead of schedule. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: 50 Shades of Failure

I think most of us have our success/failure grading scale calibrated all wrong. For most people, I think there’s one grade of success, and then fifty shades of failure beneath it. Like Success Partial failure Total Failure Miserable Failure Total Trainwreck This is one of those instances where we are just too hard on ourselves. […]

Housing debate plumbs new lows

This idea is an attack on seniors and marks a new low in the housing debate. There’s this odd idea that retirees have to play their part to help fix the affordability crisis. It flared up again in this year’s budget, as some people criticised the plan to give extra funding to allow older people […]

Giving Value = True Fulfilment

Value-creation is about finding that spark within you… that’s unique to you. Push that out into the universe and watch what comes back to reward you as a “thank you” for the value that you’ve given.

The universe is playful, if you approach it the right way.

The right relationship to have with existence One of the interesting ideas I see pop up in a few traditions is the idea of a ‘playful universe’. That’s not always how the idea is expressed, and it doesn’t mean you can’t also have a wrathful and angry God playing lord of the playground, but the […]

Sunny Skies For Perth Property Portfolios

Happy news at last for Perth, and how to read this particular piece of data. It’s always a risky business calling turns in the market cycle, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Perth has turned the corner. This is going to sound strange when Perth is still posting some […]