Have we just been sold up the river?

A lot of high fives and back slapping this week with the signing of the TPP… but I smell a rat. Am I the only one not getting hot under the collar for the news that Australia just signed up for TPP 2.0. (You know, the one America pulled out of.) From The Australian: “The […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Device Time, Vice Time

Should you let kids have device time? Should you let yourself? A student of mine was talking about how she’d just decided to stop giving her 4 year old any time with devices. “Screen time leads to scream time,” she said. I think we all kind of get that there has to be limits with […]

Clearance rates Showing Market Is On Upswing

Data suggest that sentiment in the market has turned. I get the sense that the ice is breaking and we’re seeing a thaw in the property market. Sydney prices are down 26 weeks in a row, but unless APRA does something stupid (no guarantees there!) we should see things start to pick up from here. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Love is not a mystery

I was listening to a song the other day that was saying “Love is a mystery.” Out of nowhere, I channelled my third year economic lecturer. “There are no mysteries. Only poorly defined problems.” There’s a school of thought I really like that says science is not about answers, but about questions. And you don’t […]

APRA- bunch of spankmonkeys

  APRA is just not doing us any favours. If you want to know what’s behind the multi-week decline in Sydney property prices, there’s only one culprit: APRA. APRA – the bank regulator – has been tightening the screws since the middle of last year, going hard on investors and interest-only lending. APRA threatened the […]

If you’re going to blame someone, go all the way

Blame is a disempowering mindset On last week’s truth-bomb I talked about why we can end up carrying hurts around with us, sometimes for the rest of our lives. The wounded stories serve a purpose. Today I wanted to talk about another element: blame. Blame is directed anger and an assignment of responsibility. It says […]

How to avoid the property sharks…

Warning flags on the beach people You know how much I’ve made from sales commissions over the years? Zero. Nip. Nada. I haven’t made a cent. I don’t find deals for people and I don’t regurgitate deals for a fee either. And let me tell you, it’s not for a lack of property developers wanting […]