A saucy poem for your lover

Hollywood has led us up the path. Try loving your lover like this. Ah Valentines Day. You’re everything I love and hate about human nature. On one hand you are a celebration of love – a recognition that love is the most powerful force in the universe, the most invigorating drive in the human body. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why so many fail in February

February and January are worlds apart. Here’s how to navigate the change. So… February. How you doing? I’m still working through the Hayne RC report. Explosive stuff. I’ll give you the full wrap tomorrow… but for  now, a question Josh Frydenberg must be asking himself: “Why is February such a brutal month?” The year is […]

WARNING: Fail this, and everything fails

I was surprised to find this overlap between Zen and the New Age I’ve been thinking a bit lately about that saying “Excellence is an attitude.” It’s not something I’ve fully resonated with before – like it seemed a bit wishy-washy – like it came from that school of new age thinking where all you […]

This most interesting property sector in the country

The market is always presenting you with opportunities. This is one of them. What’s the most interesting segment in the Australian property market right now? The apartment sector, hands down. Have you been following what’s going on there? It’s nuts. Like totally nuts. It’s come to a head recently with revelations that the 30-storey Opal […]