Why your family roots matter

Get into the roots of your family tree I’ve always loved the traditional Maori greeting: ‘My ancestors greet your ancestors.’ I think there’s a lot we can learn from this. Reverence for ancestors is a feature of many traditional societies, all over the world. From New Zealand to Australia to Asia to Africa. It’s one […]

RBA says IO loans are A-OK

RBA flags that tight credit conditions have probably served their purpose. I’ve heard a lot of people say recently that Interest-Only (IO) loans in Australia are our version of sub-prime. In case you’ve forgotten, because it is over ten years ago now, sub-prime mortgages brought down the housing sector in the US during the GFC. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Robo-apocalypse?

Don’t want to live in a robotised world? Then stop calling it in. So China has unveiled a bank, the first in the world, to be fully staffed by robots. And that’s not a glamorous name for a computer algorithm. We’re talking actual robots. Look at the photo. The receptionist looks like Astro-boy. Robots greet […]

Investors become collateral damage

How tough is the credit environment right now? This tough: The Royal Commission is practically unearthing the equivalent of bodies in barrels in the financial sector. The CEO of AMP is gone, more will probably (and should) follow. This is all a good thing. It was pretty clear to everyone that the banking sector had […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Your Anxiety Solution

Is fuzzy, messy thought making you stressed? “I’m feeling anxious because I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.” Common enough statement. Now imagine in it coming from the mouth of an unemployed teenager. Now coming from Elon Musk. Notice how that statement probably means totally different things to those people. To one it […]

Thinking about thinking… ?

Our thinking about thinking is probably wrong. The idea that our thoughts are ours – that they arise out of our own brains – is relatively new. For a long time, in many civilisations, it was believed that your thoughts emerged from an interplay with your environment. It’s probably hard for us to imagine what […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The Master’s Shame

Mastering a craft is more about avoiding embarrassment than anything There’s a story I like about two stonemasons. One was, young, strong and full of pride. The other was old, in the mastery of his craft. They both had to break a stone down exactly into a particular shape. The young buck throws himself into […]

Rental Yields Up – But is it really good news?

  Just making sure you’ve got the right end of the stick with this headline number So CoreLogic is reporting that yields are up pretty much across the country. Whoo-hoo. Awesome news, right? Some of those yields are looking pretty good. Darwin, 5.6%. Hellooo sexy. Stronger yields give investors more to work with. There’s more […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Plan Less Get More…

Manage your time like you manage your money “I don’t like to be too structured. I want to allow for spontaneity. I want to keep things organic.” But then I was looking at his diary… “But you haven’t got anything scheduled for this week… “What’s your strategy here? Give your week fully to spontaneity, and […]

Why Doubt is a Good Thing

Even Jesus had a moment of doubt. Is it part of the process? Within most wisdom traditions there are elements that are clear cut (thou shall not steal), and elements that are more mysterious. It’s these more mysterious elements excite me most, and where the biggest opportunities for growth are. And perhaps it’s only because […]