[PODCAST] Successful Developer’s Inside Secrets to Joint Ventures

When people first start to look for investment properties they often find themselves saying they can’t find any deals… their feasos never work out… They can’t find anything… From experience, it’s just in their heads… Once you get your head straight you’ll start finding deals all over the place. But that brings its own issues… […]

[VIDEO] Can 2 + 1 = $100,000?

In this short talk I share one of my favourite strategies for adding value to properties. Join me on one of my upcoming free webcasts to discover how to set yourself up for life in the next 3-5 years using real estate. Register now

Maybe you’re lucky you missed the boat..?

How to time the market perfectly and go broke. The thing to remember about real estate is that it’s possible to lose money in every market. Obviously, you’ve got to try a little harder to lose money in some markets more than others. You’ve got to search a little harder for those properties that are […]

How to find your way out of a cluster-fuddle

Radically overhauling your life should be as easy as getting up early and going for a walk. Sometimes, students come to me and it’s easy. They got their lives more or less on track, and all they need is the right technical knowledge to help them evaluate a good deal and put a plan into […]