Aussie investor almost loses it all,

Neil’s story is all too common, pre-ILRE he buys property (In his own name), and sits on it with the hope that it’ll increase in value. All well and good at first glance, but eventually the wrong people came knocking… This free webinar reveals the real estate strategies he used to create these amazingly simple […]

Maybe the best time to buy, ever.

The stars have aligned. This is the best of all possible worlds. Has there been a better time to buy than right now? I mean there was. 5 years ago would have been an amazing time to buy. 15 years ago would have been spectacular. But in terms of trying to time the market, could […]

Perth wife increases her equity by 5 mil by working smarter, not harder, in a “dead” market

Basia’s commitment to family and helping others was unparalleled, so much so that her and her husband completely exhausted themselves. Looking for a way contribute positively while working less time and making more money, she turns to property and finds Dymphna and ILoveRealEstate. This free webinar reveals the real estate strategies she used to create […]

You’re too strong. You need to dial it back a notch.

Some people make a fortune out of extreme risks. This is how. I’ve been reading a bit of Nassim Nicholas Taleb lately. This is the guy who wrote ‘Black Swan’ and pretty much singlehandedly coined the phrase ‘Black Swan event’. (Apparently Black Swans are incredibly rare… unless you live in Australia.) Anyway, he’s probably one […]

Scandal: Are the pollies pulling a swifty on us?

Something is very fishy about our “skilled” visa program The election is shaping up as a tame (and lame) affair. But both sides look set to fail working people in Australia. And whoever wins this election, it looks like nobody will be getting a pay rise (except maybe the politicians, of course). In what seems […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Therapist’s surprising golden rule

This therapist’s golden rule tells you what you should do with tough choices The tough choices in life are never easy. Okay. I just read that back. I sound like a moron. (A truth-bomb dropping moron! Boom!) This is a truth bomb. It’s an uncomfortable truth. It’s something that people don’t want to hear. Because […]