Axe This Ancient Emotional Block Now

We are all guilty of some wishful-thinking sometimes. Thankfully, the Tibetan monks are on to it. A lot of what we call ‘spiritual wisdom’ is really just common sense. Take that saying in Tibetan Buddhism: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. I don’t think this is meant to a […]

I’m still pissed off – 6 years later!

“Hopelessly conflicted” pretty much sums it up. The Hayne Banking Royal Commission keeps delivering the goods. To those of us in the wealth industry, we knew it was a crooked shop. Still, the banks have a lot of power and so I expected a fair bit of it to be kept under the rug. But […]

Don’t get out of your comfort zone!

I hear this advice all the time “Get out of your comfort zone” But with the world changing as fast as it is – that advice is starting to look like a very poor strategy for life. Watch this video – you’ll see what I mean:

How to bounce back from seven failures

Some failures are easy. Some take massive courage There’s a Japanese saying that goes: nana korobi, ya oki – knocked down seven times, get up eight I love this saying. It’s a good reminder that the journey is going to involve at least a few knocks. The only way to get through unscathed is to […]

Use your goals to defend your success

To get to where you want to go you need smart goals. There are reasons and a formula that makes this works while other goals and dreams often fail. Check out this weeks video to see what I mean:

The two keys to happiness AND productivity

There’s a line of hungers waiting for you. Don’t listen to them. There’s an idea that comes up in a few places that says: “Satisfy a desire and it will only give birth to more desire.” Think Ecclesiastes 1, or I think the Buddha said something similar. But in many ways its one of the […]