The Chess Masters Guide Winning Life

An ancient chess strategy might hold the key to your success I remember how disappointed I was when I found out how chess computers worked. I always imagined them like some sort of super-intelligent army general, with a treasury of battleplans, a dash of cunning, and an uncanny ability to predict its opponents move. That […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why we gave her $52,485

Think you can’t do it? Listen to Desley’s story. At the recent I Love Real Estate Super Conference, we had our annual Student Success Story of the Year competition. This is one of my favourite things of the year. It’s fantastic to be able to share in people’s success, and these stories really bring it […]

The hidden treasure in goal setting

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a BIG believer in goal setting. Trouble is that most people, if they goal set at all, will rush through the process and not give it the time and thought is truly deserves… This means two things… you risk never finding out what you really want… (I’m betting it’s […]