#12: Debt, Coke and Sausage Rolls…

  • 5 simple, easy and effortless steps to smash YOUR debt senseless.
  • Do this and save a huge $165,000 and 9 years on an average loan (Without paying any more that you’re currently paying)
  • Why a skinny latte could be keeping YOU broke.
  • Little known secret bank-account that can save YOU even more money…
  • How to turn YOUR debt into investment dollars.
  • How to use the “Avalanche Index” strategy to wipe out YOUR credit card debt FAST.

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  1. angela hobbs says

    I just have to say that listening to Dymphna’s talk on saving money through sound management was absolutely mind blowing.What wonderful and logical advice.Thank you Dymphna and God bless you for the help you are giving to people like myself. Angela

  2. says

    Thank you Dymphna! I love listening to and trying to implement your wonderful suggestions! You are a national treasure! Have an awesome day! Cheers, Barbara XXXX

  3. christine cairns says

    Thank goodness I don’t like coke and sausage rolls. Since joining the program I’ve really started thinking about the ‘little things’ that I normally spend money on without giving a thought….and guess what? I can definitely do without.

  4. Rosetta Trovatello says

    That Idea with credit cards absolutely brilliant idea, thanks for that, I have been putting more money in the one with the highest interest. very interesting.

    Thank you Dymphna

  5. Vera Madeline says

    You are an ANGEL Dymphna
    I love listening to you, You have touched my heart and helped me in many ways.
    Kindest regards

  6. Leonie says

    Great advice – need to change our loan over to the offset account. We have gone one step forward with the loan repayments by paying on a daily basis (7 automatic weekly repayments). Now to find ourselves a positive cash flow property!

  7. Pearl says

    This is some of the best debt reduction advice I have ever heard and I have attended courses in the past that have been held by accountants and asset protection experts and this was the most logical, easy to understand, debt reduction strategies makes so much sense to me – even our own accountant of several years has never advised us about this information!!! The best 1 hour session I have spent with a financial adviser yet!!

  8. says

    Thanks Dymphna, I heard you talk about debt management a couple of years ago and what really hit me was the fact that credit cards count AGAINST you when you try to get a loan.
    Following week I cancelled 3 of them.

  9. Narelle Christian says

    Morning Dymphna,
    How Awesome is that a saving of $287,380 I have taken notes and will be very happy to pass onto to other in our group.
    Thank you so much.
    Narelle Christian